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Business and Home Backup Solutions

Complete data security is more important than ever. Whether you’re protecting your home or business PCs, we have a range of reliable solutions for you.

Home Solutions

Backup your home computers

Business Solutions

Backup from 1 PC to a complete network


Ransomware protection

Macrium Image Guardian protects your files from Ransomware.

Bare metal restore

ReDeploy allows you to restore your backup to dissimilar hardware.

Rapid delta cloning and restore

Fast data recovery like nothing before.

Intra-Daily backups

The most granular option yet.

Local, network and USB

Backup and recovery exactly how you want it.

Instant Virtualization

Manage images with VirtualBox & Hyper-V.

Products for Home users

Macrium Reflect 8 Home

Single Licence


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Macrium Reflect 8 Home



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** includes 12 months Essentials Support

Products for Business


from £82.00

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Technician's license

from £583

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Server & Server+

from £328

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Deployment Kit

from £2372

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Watch Macrium Reflect in action..

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